News update:Feb 3, 2010

Tasker authorised to begin trials of post-chill dip

Tasker Products Corp. a distributor and marketer of proprietary technology to inhibit pathogenic bacteria, has received authorisation to proceed with tests of its new "post-chill" dip application.

It is reported that the company is in the process of completing USDA tests of its post-chill spray, which further ensures that birds are bacteria-free prior to packaging. Additionally, the company announced that it has received a "Letter of No Objections" to market its Tasker Clear, an acidifier, in all sections of poultry processing.
During processing poultry carcasses are chilled to reduce temperatures to inhibit microscopic spoilage. Chorine, a toxin, is currently used in the chilled water to destroy bacteria. However, due to the low temperature, fats and other by-products of the carcasses solidify, to which the chlorine can bond, rendering it less effective in eradicating bacteria.
Tasker is in the process of seeking USDA approval of an application using its Tasker Blue in the chiller section, which does not bind with solids and could reduce the need for chlorine as an antibacterial in this process.
Tasker's post-chill dip is used after the chilling process to further eradicate pathogenic bacteria prior to packaging. The company also is in the process of conducting USDA tests of a post-chill spray using its Tasker Blue.
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