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Japan confronted with a new bird flu outbreak

On top of all the aftermath Japan is facing following last weeks earthquake and tsunami, Avian influenza has now been confirmed at a poultry farm in the Kanto region, making it the first confirmed outbreak in this area of Japan.

The outbreak in Chiba, Japan's second-largest chicken egg producing prefecture, has prompted local authorities to begin culling about 35,000 birds at the infected farm and restrict the movements of another 869,000 birds being raised within a 10-kilometer radius of the farm in question, the Chiba prefectural government said.

''This is a very severe situation as damage from the huge earthquake is also serious,'' Chiba Gov Kensaku Morita said at a press conference, referring to the powerful quake that struck northeastern and eastern Japan on Friday. A total of four birds were found dead at the Chiba farm on Friday and Saturday, and a genetic test confirmed that four out of seven birds checked were infected by a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu virus.

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    How much bad events in a row can a country and it's people handle?
    Japan now needs full support of all international experts so that Japan is able to overcome all the current problems including birdflu outbreak!. It will be already a huge challenge to feed all people and animals with the current badly destroyed infrastructure and power problems. Really hope the World will not affect trade bans on japanese poultry. The daily terrible images on the news show a well organised country that is due to extreme violent power of nature is in great need!Japanese people need now full support of the World!

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