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Jakarta: Hundreds of backyard poultry stamped out

Hundreds of backyard poultry in five locations in Jakarta have been stamped out on the first day of sweeping conducted by agriculture and marine agency of DKI Jakarta province. This action follows the death of a 23 year old man last Saturday (January 7, 2012) allegedly due to bird flu infection.

Head of livestock of agriculture and marine agency of DKI Jakarta province, Dzawil said that about 327 heads of backyard poultry were stamped out yesterday including 46 pigeons, 225 chickens and 56 ducks. 

Head of agriculture and marine agency of DKI Jakarta province, Ipih Ruyani told that sweeping action will continue to be done in cooperation with some sub-districts. “Backyard poultry should only be raised when equipped with bird-flu free certification,” she said.

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    The only thing Indonesia can do to avoid a bird flu outbreak is to pray.
    The poultry industry is not even close to be well equipped, using outdated mechanisms to protect it against H5N1 virus infection. The production is greatly inefficient and the final product is quite expensive for a population which intakes much less protein than it should.
    Indonesians, thanks to your Government for its "Self Sufficiency" policy, which does not allow poultry meat importation, you have this poor scenario. It is about time for you to wake up...

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