Innovative poultry farm to be constructed in Ukraine

In 2013 Gubin Company plans to launch an innovative poultry complex for broiler meat production which will be located in the Volyn region, with a total capacity of 0.5 mln heads.

A distinctive feature of the new complex is that its production cycle will be almost completely automated - the head of Lokachinskoy District of Volyn Region Vladimir Mazurok said during a  press conference on August 16.

According to him, the total cost of construction is estimated at 12 mln UAN (US$ 1.5 mln). "The poultry farm will be fully automated; it will be served by only 25 people. The period of growing poultry before slaughter will be about 42 days. At the poultry farm a facility for poultry manure processing into organic fertiliser will be also constructed".

Gubin Company is among the largest poultry producers in Ukraine. The company currently has six poultry farms with total annual capacity of 15 thousand tonnes of poultry meat in live weight.

Editor WorldPoultry

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