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Jansen introduces new technology to poultry housing

The newest technologies to reduce the emission of fine dust, ammonia and odour and to efficiently warm the house are applied by Jansen Poultry Equipment with air scrubbers, manure drying systems and a heat exchanger.

In the EcoFriend biological air scrubber filters ensure 70% ammonia reduction and also reduces fine dust. This biological air scrubber has a high efficiency due to a separated collection of dust and feathers and a large contact surface of the filter packages. The high efficiency remains because the system is easy to maintain. The EcoFriend biological air scrubber is easily accessible because of spacious walkways between the filter packages. The energy consumption is favorable due to the application of low pressure fans, the excellent design and the prevention of pollution. 

The great advantage of the AmoControl chemical air scrubber is the quickness and controllability of the washing process. The starting point of the design of the air scrubber is a sparing use of water, acid and energy. The AmoControl chemical air scrubber is extremely effective due to the separated dust and mist section. Because the chemical air scrubber is more efficient due to an effectively responses of acid, the installation is more compact than the EcoFriend biological air scrubber. Less space is needed and the investment is lower. The fully automatic control provides more than 90% ammonia reduction and also fine dust is being greatly reduced.        

The Manure drying system Classic is developed to dry manure in all seasons with minimal energy costs. This results in a reduction of manure disposal costs and the dry manure can even become yield profit when marketing this manure. The Manure drying system Classic is registered under BWL 2005.06.V2 and provides a reduces fine dust with 30%.

The results of the Manure Drying System Compact are highly valued for various reasons. The dried manure has a much smaller volume and lower manure disposal costs and the dry manure can even become yield profit when marketing this manure. The Manure Drying System Compact achieves a fine dust reduction of 60% with a favourable energy use. The system is also suitable for limited space due to its compact design. Finally, the welfare of humans and animals benefits from the reduced ammonia levels in the house. These four aspects are combined  in the Manure Drying System Compact. For Manure Drying System Compact a new BWL number is in preparation because the system far exceeds the requirements of BWL 2005.06.V2.

The AluBreeze Heat Exchanger is essential for low-energy livestock houses. This heat exchanger uses the warmth of the exhausted air to warm up the fresh outdoor air, before it will be blown into the livestock house. The AluBreeze heat exchanger takes advantage of the unique Aluperfect heat conduction profiles for heat transmission. The structure of this heat exchanger is compact and sturdy. The results are a fine dust reduction of approximately 20% and better house air.

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