Product: Harvest broilers without catching

Jansen Poultry Equipment has introduced the BroMaxx broiler colony system making it no longer necessary to catch birds during harvesting.

The manure belt that runs underneath the FlexFloor and the FlexFloor itself become very handy tools during the unloading of the broilers. The FlexFloor can be pulled out of the system with the result that broilers end up on the underneath manure belt and can be transported to the end of a BroMaxx row. From this location there are different solutions to transport broilers into containers or crates. 

During the harvesting it is very important to retain the quality of the broilers that is achieved by the BroMaxx colony system, therfore Jansen Poultry Equipment developed the EasyLoader harvesting system that transports broilers in a straight line into containers, avoiding any bends or transfers.

The risk of broken wings, legs and bruising are minimized which improves the meat quality of the broilers. Besides this, the EasyLoader harvests broilers fully automatically which means that employees only have to make sure that the containers are situated in the right position so that they can be automatically filled with broilers. This highly efficient harvesting system harvests up to 12,000 broilers per hour and even more. The EasyLoader can be transported to other houses which makes the return on investment even higher.

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