Baiada poultry facility approved despite opposition

A regional council in Australia has approved the development of 70 broiler chicken sheds for leading poultry producer Baiada which will house close to three million birds in the north of New South Wales.

The Manilla Baiada proposal was unanimously supported by the Tamworth Regional Council, despite several members of the public speaking in opposition to the project.

The project has been contentious since 2012 with the council receiving 81 submissions earlier this year – 79 opposing the development. Water levels, traffic movements, safety issues and potential odour problems were the issues raised by critics.

Local resident Robyn Skelton, voiced her opposition to the project,  "They want it for the jobs, that's been their biggest push, they'll get the new processing plant in Tamworth for it but Manilla residents will have to suffer because of that."

Baiada responded briefly to the decision to local media outlet ABC, with a written statement from spokesman John Vassallo.

"Baiada is pleased that Tamworth Council have voted unanimously to support our growth and investment in the region," he said.

"The approval of the Strathfield farms will create much needed new jobs for Manilla and play an important role in underpinning our long term commitment to the Tamworth region.

"We look forward to working with all stakeholders in delivering this substantial and important investment."

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