Thriving flocks through new heater

The Thermorizer TR 75 is a new concept in poultry house heating. Field tests in Germany have proved the advantages of the device. These are low noise levels, optimum heat distribution, energy saving and sturdiness.

Since September 2013, the Thermorizer TR 75 heater has been field tested in two broiler houses in Germany, each with a capacity of 42,000 birds. Four type TR 75 heaters were installed in each of the new houses in the Emsland district. Its benefits compared to conventional heating systems were examined.

The Thermorizer heats the poultry house quickly and ensures that dry heat is uniformly distributed. The device makes this possible thanks to a swirl-free, constant air flow. During the test, floor temperature of 30 degrees was reached within 12 hours. Furthermore, the Thermorizer can achieve high jet lengths of over 50 metres. Thanks to the homogeneous temperature, the heated air spreads out over the entire floor area in an optimum way.

Healthy feet
Compared with conventional heating systems, the TR 75 is also considerably quieter. This favours effective distribution of the birds, all the more since neither noise nor heat are felt in particular spaces only. With the old heater models, chicks atayed under the heaters, especially during the first few days, because of the loudness. This meant that the floor on this spot was sticky and wet. This is not happening with the Thermorizer. Also because of its different sound, the birds spread out better.

This also has an effect on the condition of their feet. It is a given fact that house climate is an increasingly important parameter when it comes to the health.

Uniform temperature
Minimization of cold draughts is thus a critical issue. On the one hand, the fan of the TR 75 only starts when the device has been completely heated up. This is especially important at the beginning of the rearing cycle, so that only warm air circulates. In the next stage, a uniform temperature is reached again quickly following a split of the flock by which a part are moved out to give the remaining birds ample room again. Particularly in winter, warm air disappears from the house during these splitting processes.

Smartphone and ipad
Connection to an environmental control computer is carried out as standard via a bus system ensuring that operation of the TR 75 can be easily and constantly monitored. The environmental control computer allows the operator to see at which capacity the Thermorizers are working. They automatically switch on and off themselves, depending on the temperature curve.

Furthermore, the blowers are self-controlling. When the heating switches off, the blower is switched on to ensure that there is consistently an optimum air circulation. The entire climate system, including the Thermorizer, can be remotely controlled using a smartphone or iPad.

Thanks to the integrated heat exchanger system and the low-emission pre-mixing burner, low levels of energy consumption are ensured. Compared with conventional heating technology, the TR 75 allows for savings of at least 20%. The device is resistant to high-pressure cleaning.

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