Kosher and Halal are growth products

US industry associations say that producers should consider the growing market for Kosher and Halal meat products.

The US Food Marketing Institute and the American Meat Institute have highlighted the importance of the market for Kosher and Halal meat products by devoting a special section to these products at the 2007 Annual Meat Conference.
In a release, the organisations said: “Trend watchers say the market for Kosher and Halal products is poised to grow exponentially among those who choose these products for religious reasons or for other perceived benefits.”
They continued: “According to Food Processing Magazine, growth in the Kosher and Halal categories is one of the six hottest trends in the food industry this year.”
The special session at the conference aims to address the challenges of what Kosher and Halal meat products are, how they are certified, the potential for market growth and how they can and should be marketed.

Editor WorldPoultry

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