News update:Dec 27, 2006

Vietnam sets world example

"Vietnam continues to be a leader, providing the world with a clear example of how a well coordinated and integrated effort, led by the National Steering Committee on Avian Influenza, can control this disease at its source. The integrated response from the human and livestock health sectors has been a key ingredient to Vietnam's success," praised United Nations Resident Coordinator in Vietnam, John Hendra.

Hendra said that the Vietnamese government's  achievements in controlling avian influenza, and in preparing for the eventuality of a human influenza pandemic, are outstanding. Vietnam's national plan, known as the "Green Book" or the "National Operational Programme for Avian and Human Influenza (2006-2010)" was developed with an estimated budget of US$250 million. The government expects to finance up to half of the total estimated cost for its implementation, while donors have been so far committed more than US$60 million.

According to the UN official, Vietnam's transparency in reporting cases and in collaborating with international efforts to develop vaccines has also been important for bird flu control. UN Secretary General Kofi Anna commended Vietnam for taking the lead in the fight against avian influenza, with impressive results.

The UN Coordinator said that the UN will continue to support the people and Government of Vietnam to reduce the risk avian influenza poses to human health and livelihoods. 


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