Unsure about Missouri chicken farm plan

Ozbun Farms, owned by Michelle and Rodney Ozbun, has asked the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a permit to build four pullet houses between Roaring River State Park and Eagle Rock.

The operation, which would produce 65,000 chickens, would be operated under a contract with George's Farms Inc.
However, there are concerns that anything put on the ground will flow into Roaring River because every creek in the area flows into the river.
A group in Arrow Rock has formed Citizens to Protect State Parks and Historic Sites. The group has contacted residents of Eagle Rock who oppose the construction of the chicken farm.
However, Floyd Gilzow, deputy director for policy at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, said the department cannot treat proposed corporate farms near Missouri's state parks and historic sites differently from any other property owner in the state.
The director of the department's Water Protection Program, Ed Galbraith, said the permit would be issued if it meets all the requirements of Missouri's Clean Water Law.
Michelle Ozbun said her proposed farm would be closely regulated by the state. "If I do anything that is wrong, they can shut me down," she said recently. "I am going to register this farm as a century farm. I am not going to do anything that could cause me to lose my farm. We will play by the rules."
The chicken houses will be enclosed, there will be no runoff, and "no land will be impacted," she said.
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