Taiwan: 3-month chicken fest begins

A 3-month long chicken festival has been launched. The festivities surround the promotion of consumption of a traditional chicken dish using birds raised in Taiwan.

According to Chen Mu-shih, chairman of the Poultry Association of the Republic of China, the event, which has been dubbed the "Taiwan MayoG Festival," with "MayoG" referring to the traditional sesame oil chicken soup commonly found in Taiwan, will run through April 18.
Huang Ying-hau, an official with the Council of Agriculture (COA) which co-organized the event with the association, said there are many types of locally raised chickens and all make ideal foods that are low in cholesterol and have high nutritional value with plenty of protein and vitamins.
Mu-shih said he hoped the festival would help change the public's perception of the traditional dish, which many see as something to be served to women after giving birth to restore their energy.
The dish should be more popular, Mu-shih said, because there are many ways to cook it and it's easy to find in local markets and restaurants.

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