News update:Feb 11, 2008

Illegal dosing of old chicken mince, retailer fined

A meat retailer in Sydney, Australia, has been fined $8,500 (US$7,600) for dosing chicken in a chemical used to disguise old or substandard meat as fresh.

Obo Trading Pty Ltd of Ashfield will have to pay $11,970 (US$10,700), including costs, for illegally dosing old chicken mince with the presentative sulphur dioxide, said Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald.
The company has also apparently been added to Iemma Government's shame list of dodgy food outlets, according to a press release on the NSW Food Authority website.
An inspection and audit of the shop by a NSW Food Authority officer in March 2007 found that the illegal preservative had been added to chicken mince to disguise its appearance.
Macdonald said that the practice was not only deceiving consumers, but it could also be dangerous for people who are allergic to the chemical. “SO2 is used to mask old or sub-standard meat, making it appear bright red and appealing to consumers,” he said, adding that "This illegal practice will not be tolerated, and the Iemma Government will continue to crack-down on illegal food practices."

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