News update:Feb 20, 2008

UK: 38% of consumers switched to free-range poultry

A survey recently conducted in the UK suggests that 38% of consumers have switched from intensively farmed chicken to free-range.

This is reportedly due to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver's campaign TV series Big Food Fight, which was aired recently.
However, despite attempts to raise awareness through the campaign, 36% of respondents said they are determined to continue buying intensively-farmed chickens for the foreseeable future. According to many of these respondents, the increased profile surrounding chicken farming methods had not made an impact on them.
The survey results also shows that people living in semi-detached housing are more likely to go "free-range" than those living in any other type of housing in the UK.
The most conscious age groups have been identified as the over 75, between 65-74, and 25-34, with 41% of each age group altering their shopping habits from regularly buying intensively farmed to free-range chicken.

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