Aus: ACT gov't phasing out battery eggs

Australia's ACT government will phase out the use of battery farmed eggs in 2008. Non-battery eggs are to be used exclusively as of May 2009.

ACT Health, ACT public schools and the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) have been identified as the biggest egg users. According to chief minister Jon Stanhope, CIT is already using barn-laid eggs instead of battery products. He said that government agencies would follow suit as soon as possible.
“Due to contractual agreements until May 2009, an immediate conversion to the use of only non-battery eggs is not possible," he said, adding that the ACT government will begin phasing out the use of battery eggs in ACT public schools during this year.
Stanhope said the issue was a serious one. "ACT Procurement Solutions will also ensure that all future food contracts with ACT government agencies include free-range eggs in food requests."
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