News update:Jul 17, 2008

Consumers want more information on food labels

Even though it may cost more money - and consumers are aware of this - many still want country-of-origin specified on their food labels.

According to a survey by Deloitte, more than 2 of 5 consumers in the US said they don't feel they have enough information about the food they eat.
Even though consumers have more access to information than ever before, it is proving to be not enough, said Deloitte vice-chairman and U.S. Consumer Products group leader Pat Conroy.
"Consumers are spending more time checking labels and are often overwhelmed by a flood of contradictory nutrition 'facts'. They seek clear, straightforward information they can understand so they can make more informed choices and better protect themselves and their families."
Deloitte found consumers are also aware that increased information on labelling might cost them more for a product, and 73% said they would still want country-of-origin labelling even if it increased food prices slightly.
Consumers are mainly concerned with the healthiness of ingredients; the possible use of chemical ingredients; and, the safety of ingredients.
In addition, 79% of consumers said they believe meat from cloned animals should be labelled in stores, and 50% of consumers said meat from cloned animals should not be sold in the US.

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