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Many halal products arguably not halal

Up to three-quarters of poultry sold as halal in the UK is falsely labelled, an industry group has warned, reports the Associated Press.

The majority of halal-labelled poultry and a small amount of beef and lamb were slaughtered by machine rather than an individual, Naved Syed, of the English Beef and Lamb Executive Halal Steering Group, told The Grocer magazine.

The meat was being passed off as halal because apparently the slaughter method was not usually printed on labels.
"If you told Muslims it was done by a machine they wouldn't buy it. Practically all imams in this country have said that machine killing is not halal. Otherwise there's no difference between halal and non-halal."

The UK does not have a single standard for halal slaughter, reports continue. Many Muslim countries have outlawed the practice after the internationally-recognised Malaysian Halal Standard MS 1500 removed machine slaughtering as an acceptable practice in 2009.

It was also reported that The Birmingham Council of Mosques said recently that it did not accept machine slaughter.
Syed said his organisation was carrying out consumer research into attitudes towards halal production. The study will cover the growth of the Muslim population in England, the demand for halal products, the supply chain and changing consumption trends.

Source: The Press Association

Natalie Berkhout


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    Sorry but this information is false: Vast majority of muslim scholars, including those who follow the companions of the prophet and the correct methodology of Sunnah have agreed that there is nothing wrong with machine slaughtering and that individual blessing is certainly not required:
    Ruling on pronouncing the name of God when slaughtering a group of chickens

    Question: I visited a national chicken farm here (Arabian peninsula) and saw how they slaughter chicken; they first hang them and then they move by the slaughterer and he doesn't say "bismillah" every time, so I asked him why he doesn't and he said: "Because I say it in the beginning and that is it, I cannot say it 500,000 times, so I say it once Bismillah Allahu Akbar and that is enough." so I asked him who did you ask? and he said "the scholars have given a fatwa that this is permissible," so what do you say my sheikh! is this permissible?

    Answer: He needs to make the naming on a set thing, whether it was one or more, so -for example- if he lined up a thousand chickens and then upon turning on the machine said: "Bismillah", then that is sufficient, so if they batch a thousand chickens and the machine started working and the razors moved, it is enough if he says: "Bismillah on this batch", now if he gets a new batch and restarts he says another "Bismillah"

    Transcript from Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saleh Al-Uthaimain

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    Abdul Kareem Kelvin

    Bismillah, It would be interesting to know the source of your claim that machine slaughter is acceptable. I have details of the majority of the worlds halal standards and I can assure you that machine slaughter is not an acceptable method.

    If these are the statements of the Shaikh then he differs from the consensus of the Ulama from around the world including Saudi Arabia. His opinion in this case should be left and Allah knows best.

    May Allahs wrath be upon the seller who claims meat is Halal falsely knowingly.

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