Moldova planning 20% increase in poultry production in 2012

In 2012 Moldova plans to increase its domestic poultry production by 20%. After years of stagnation, the small country now expects the poultry industry to increase production by this level.

It was reported that high feed prices and technically outdated companies were the main factors for delaying the development of domestic production. In 2011, an investment of about 2 million USD has been made which is an unprecented amount for the whole agricultural sector of the country. To a minor extent the federal government was able to help only with 17 thousand dollars, whereas the rest came from private investors and bank loans. "The federal subsidy is a drop in the bucket compared with the investment that we made, " says the head of the National Poultry Producing Assotiation, Peter Pope. 

Because the cost of feed accounts for 75% of the prime cost of poultry, a special fund will be created for 2012. "Producers can then buy grain on time. This measure should almost completely solve the problem and even cut a price for feed in the country’s market," said Head of Market policies department of the country Valentin Ciobanu.
Over 2011 Moldova expects to produce about 55 thousands tons of poultry which is 12% more than in 2010. Due to  large investments in the industry and other measures, the aim is to develop the poultry sector, it is predicted that in 2012 this figure will rise up to 66 thousands tons or by 20% up, compared with the level of this year.

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