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Argentina's poultry sector growing

Argentina's poultry production has grown: production has tripled since 2003 and in 2012 alone it has already exported 356,000 tonnes of poultry.

Poultry export values have since 2003 increased tenfold, from US$65 million to $US650 million.

Industry Minister Debora Giorgi has predicted that Argentina, now the sixth-largest global exporter of poultry meat, will in a few years time become the fourth-largest exporter.

The Argentinian industry’s Poultry Industry Strategic Plan 2020 forum has set targets, hoping to increase domestic consumption to 50kg per capita per year, a total of 3.1 million tonnes.

The industry hopes  to generate 50,000 jobs, and export 600,000 tonnes per year.


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    lesiba mokgethi

    As a south african in broiler farming i just hope their growth is not at a disadvantage of other farmer in other countries like S.A. Well done to them

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