Lab training for Aviagen customers

The latest round of Aviagen's twice-yearly laboratory training has been hailed a success by participants from Middle Eastern and African distributors, says Aviagen.

The company says that the training is part of it’s focus on education, customer support and technology transfer, and is an important tool in ensuring that all levels of the supply chain have access to the latest knowledge, information and techniques to deliver maximum performance and the highest standards of biosecurity from their Aviagen stock. 

Sessions are held every 6 months at the company’s facilities in Scotland and focus on a limited number of trainees at a time. Designed to give trainees the opportunity to improve their knowledge of laboratory skills, including bench work and background theory, the training gives participants the latest laboratory know-how in order to consistently attain optimum levels of product quality, biosecurity and health.

Discussing the reason for the training, Puzant Dakessian, Regional Technical Manager, said: “The benefits of laboratory training are clear for our distributors and Aviagen personnel. The improvements in laboratory procedures influence and consistently improve the health status of distributor flocks and thereby the overall quality of our products as well as the quality of advice given by our distributors to their customers.”

Delegates are chosen on rotation from Middle East and African distributors with the opportunity to learn new skills as key motivator for applicants. The training is completely customised with each person sent a questionnaire before they arrive asking about their areas of interest. Typical topics include serology and bacteriology with a focus on testing procedures for vertically transmissible pathogens such as Mycoplasma and Salmonella.

Arlene Stephen, Laboratory Manager, added: “The training programme also gives us a chance to learn about new ideas and exploring lab techniques and adapting them to the visitors’ home environments with resources available there. There is often a lot of brainstorming, which helps ensure our visitors can utilise their new skills back home.”

Natalie Berkhout

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