News update:Mar 9, 2016

Easter boosts egg consumption in Netherlands

Over the Easter weekend Dutch consumers ate about 35 million eggs, an average of around two eggs per person.

Normally, egg consumption averages around two eggs a week. In the whole of 2012 the average Dutch citizen ate 192 eggs per person, which compared with 2011, is an increase of four eggs per person. In 2000, the consumption of eggs was only 180. The average annual consumption therefore grew with one egg a year. This is mainly attributed to the increasingly better image of eggs.

Of the 192 eggs the Dutch consume per year, about 118 eggs per person are eaten as table eggs at home. Outdoors, so for example in canteens, restaurants, and institutions another 30 table eggs are eaten. The rest, around 44 eggs, is consumed in processed form, such as ice cream, cakes and pasta. The most of the 118 eggs that are eaten at home (102) are range eggs the rest free-range eggs (13) and organic eggs (3).

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