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China to adopt national standard for egg products

China has passed a national standard of liquid egg and egg powder. The two standards were sent to the Standardization Administration of China for approval. It is expected that the two standards will be implemented in this year.

China General Chamber of Commerce organised experts from related industries to form a drafting team in 2010. After several drafting meetings and two times requesting comments on the internet, the draft went to final reading in October 2013.

The IEC standard of egg products was taken as reference for the draft of Chinese National Standards. Several parameters were set according to the real situation of egg farming and egg processing in China.

China did not previously have a National Standard for liquid eggs, but  as the egg processing industry has grown rapidly during the past 10 years, the egg industry warmly welcomed this initiative.

In his capacity of IEC Ambassador to Asia, Morten Ernst applauded professor Cao Desheng at a dinner in his honour recently.

Professor Cao Desheng is director of the standard sector of the Industry Development Department of China General Chamber of Commerce. Morten Ernst applauded Professor Cao on his great work, which ultimately will lift China's egg processing industry to the same level of international standards and regulations.

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