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Centurion Poultry appointed H&N distributor in US

H&N International GmbH has appointed Centurion Poultry, Inc. as their distributor for the marketing and sales of H&N branded egg layers in the United States.

H&N International, which has its headquarters in Germany, is a subsidiary of EW Group. The company distributes H&N layer breeding stock in 35 countries around the world. The company has experienced a consistent growth in its market share over the years. Therefore, the launch of field-proven H&N layers in the US market is considered the next logical step, according to the company.

Centurion Poultry, a family-owned hatchery business, is based in Lexington, GA. The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to become the largest independent commercial egg layer chick producer in the USA. Centurion distributes chicks from hatcheries in Alabama, Iowa, Missouri and Pennsylvania. In addition, Centurion has a long-standing association with Kansas based Nelson's Hatchery. This hatchery network gives Centurion a capacity to produce over 50 million H&N layer chicks per year.

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