Background update:Mar 9, 2016

Study: Incubation’s impact on yield and chick performance

ABSTRACT: At the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, researchers looked at the effects of relative humidity and turning in incubators machines on the incubation yield and chick performance

By VM Barbosa, JSR Rocha, MA Pompeu, NRS Martins, NC Baião, LJC Lara, JVMSP Batista and RC Leite

Due to the high demands and production costs of the poultry industry it is imperative to study alternatives to modify the practice of incubation in order to maximise productivity by ensuring the conditions necessary for the development of embryos of current strains. Such changes in the management of incubation cannot affect the quality of chicks and broiler performance during early growth.

To achieve these goals, several factors that work together during artificial incubation should be considered, for example, the relative humidity and turning machine incubators.

Some research has already been conducted to define the optimum for these factors. This article reviews the results of studies where relative humidity and use of turning systems in incubators and their impact on incubation yield and chick performance were examined.


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