News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russian GAP Resurs builds major hatchery project

After constructing three large turn-key HatchTech hatcheries, Russian based GAP Resurs has again chosen HatchTech as supplier of a new major hatchery facility in the Southern part of Russia.

In addition, HatchTech will deliver, among others, the complete ventilation system, the heat recovery system, the water management system and the HatchTech’s proven Energy Recovery System.

With a total production capacity of 79 million eggs/year, the new hatchery is bringing the total group capacity of HatchTech incubation at GAP Resurs to 259 million eggs/year. The new hatchery will consist out of 36 HatchTech MicroClimer Setters 126720 and 18 MicroClimer Hatchers 42240.

Viktor Nauruzov, chairman of the board at GAP Resurs comments: “For our company, it is highly important to hatch the highest possible quality day old chicks. Based on our experience with HatchTech we are very well able to asses this. We are very satisfied and therefor HatchTech remains our partner in incubation.”

HatchTech provides a product range of modular units, each containing a specific cooling or heating device together with all the parts necessary - such as pumps, Eco Energy Drivers, sensors, tanks, and controllers - to distribute the cooling and heating throughout the hatchery. Based on data input from GAP, HatchTech calculated the cooling and heating equipment for the new hatchery, consistent with GAP Resurs’ needs. Based on solid economical calculations, GAP Resurs has also chosen to install HatchTech’s proven Energy Recovery System.

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