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Cobb produces broiler parent stock locally in Bolivia

Cobb-Vantress, has become the first to hatch broiler parent stock in Bolivia, an advance marked by a technical seminar for the country’s leading production companies.

"We see the event as a milestone both for the Bolivian poultry industry and for Cobb because for the first time a poultry breeding company will be producing parent stock within the country — Bolivian product supplied direct to local market, " said Jairo Arenazio, general manager for South America.

"From now on this will give the Bolivian poultry industry a new identity as well as ensuring the quality of our products hatched entirely in Bolivia.

"Produss San Fernando is the Cobb distributor for the Peruvian and Bolivian market and has done a great job setting up a new grandparent hatchery nearby Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The grandparent hatching eggs will be supplied by Cobb-Vantress Brasil or San Fernando in Peru."

Opening the seminar hosted by Produss, Jairo Arenazio spoke about how Cobb works closely with its customers to research market intelligence and industry trends so this information can be used to shape broilers of the future.

More than 100 industry guests attended the seminar at Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the most important chicken producing region in Bolivia, where speakers took up the theme 'Learning to Manage Our Future' with presentations by the Cobb South American technical service team.

"We are turning a page in the history of Bolivian poultry business," stated Dr Luis Bellido, Cobb regional manager for sales and technical service, who spoke about managing female breeders. He said he felt a great sense of accomplishment after working for 14 years to improve customer support in the region.

Flávio Henrique Araújo Silva, technical service manager for South America, spoke about managing male breeders to produce the good quality, highly fertile males that will help maximise the Cobb genetic package.

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