News update:Mar 9, 2016

Large hatchery to be launched in Lipetsk Oblast

A large hatchery is to be launched in the Lipetsk Oblast of Russia, as part of a joint project between the regional government and several private companies.

The plan is to build a hatchery equipped with incubators with the capacity to grow 215 million units of eggs annually. The hatchery is expected to be finished by the end of this year.

In addition, the region is planning to build 50 bird houses for the rearing of poultry and construct a grain elevator and silos, designed for the storage of 220,000 tonnes of poultry feed.

Next year a feed mill is to be constructed, along with poultry slaughterhouses, at a total investment of RUB 5 bn (US$150 mln). All these facilities will form part of the vertically integrated poultry farm, with will be self-sufficient in its own production of animal feed, as well as in regards to the poultry breeding, processing and packaging.

In additional the total production capacity of the farm is expected to be 125,000 tonnes of poultry per year. The representatives of the local administration say that the project may be backed by the Russian Agricultural Bank, but still this question is under discussion.

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