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EMKA Incubators further extends its reach into Asia

Within less than a year of signing up an agent for Indonesia, EMKA Incubators' agent Romindo Primavetcom has successfully entered the Indonesian market.

Asia Africa Breeders chose EMKA Incubators to supply them with 4 VH-1152-S setters and 3 VH-384-H hatchers, good for 8 million eggs set per year, to start their extension.

Lim Ping Ming, owner and director of Asia Africa Breeders, chose EMKA Incubators for its unique "dry hatch" technology that supplements its single stage incubation together with advanced CO2 steering for superior uniform quality and hatchability.

The "dry hatch" is achieved with Teggnologic27 which is cooling with lukewarm water and is ideal for hot and humid climates where condensation on the cooling elements is often an issue. The reduction in bacteriological load, fungal and mold growth played a major role in the choice to go for EMKA Incubators.

Moreover, through the use of Teggnologic27, the cooling of the incubators will be a financial windfall as chillerless cooling will be achieved by using groundwater mixed with the hot return water to achieve dry hatch water temperature of 27°C.

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  • Mohamad Lavari

    Hi, I want incubator for 12/000/000 egg in year from EMKA

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