News update:Mar 9, 2016

LB White launches new low pressure brooder

LB White Company, a global manufacturer of agricultural heating solutions, has introduced another piece to the animal confinement heating puzzle, the L-40 low pressure brooder.

The L-40 is LB White's low pressure brooder, a cousin to their very popular I-40 brooder. This 40,000 btu/h, spark ignition heater carries a low profile of only 14" in height and has fewer parts than other brooders, making it easy to work with and maneuver around.

The L-40 projects a larger heat pattern to the ground compared to similar low pressure brooders and the emitter heats more quickly from start- up. Although the emitter is smaller than some competitive units, the heated surface area is similar in size making it very efficient, and it puts more heat to the floor. The unit ships as a liquid propane gas unit, but comes with a natural gas orifice for easy conversion if needed.

The L-40 was introduced at the International Poultry Exposition in January, and will be available this summer.

Source: LB White Company

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