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H&N celebrates 70th anniversary at VIV Asia 2015

‘Nicked’ or ‘combined well’ that is what started the legacy 70 years ago, when Dr Arthur Heisdorf started his own poultry breeding business in 1945 in WA, USA and crossed Kimber Leghorn birds with different strains of leading breeders from America, Europe and Japan. The ‘Nick Chick’ Leghorn was created.

Now 70 years later H&N, a combination forged between Heisdorf and Nelson in 1947, is celebrating its anniversary during VIV Asia 2015. In more recent years the company became an even more successful and strongly competitive brand all around the world under the wings of Lohmann. Over the past 10 years, H&N realised an increase of over 85% in its total parent stock sales as compared to a 38% increase in total world egg production over a similar 10-year period.

H&N can be found at VIV Asia at stand: H106.D076.

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