News update:Mar 9, 2016

FDA asked to withdraw medicated poultry feed

Phibro Animal Health Corporation have asked the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to withdraw approval for 3 feed additives for use in broiler chickens.

The company requested that the FDA withdraw approval of New Animal Drug Application (NADA) 098-371 for the use of nicarbazin, penicillin, and roxarsone in three-way, combination drug Type C medicated feeds for broiler chickens, and NADA 098-374 for use of nicarbazin and penicillin in two-way, combination drug Type C medicated feeds for broiler chickens. These drugs have been approved for use in animal feed for over 40 years.

Although Phibro Animal Health Corporation withdrew its approved NADA voluntarily because these products are no longer being manufactured or marketed, the decision to remove these antibiotic-containing feeds from the market for production purposes supports FDA’s voluntary strategy for judicious use of antibiotics in food-producing animals.

The withdrawal will be effective from September 3 2013

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