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Germany calls for EU fund against avian influenza

The German Agricultural Minister Christian Schmidt has asked the European Commission to create funds to be used for preventive measures against the spreading of avian influenza.

He did this by writing in an official letter to Brussels. Because the suspension that wild birds can transmit the virus H5N8 to commercial poultry is confirmed, an EU-wide monitoring is necessary says Schmidt. On Monday (today), the German government comes together in Berlin for a crisis meeting, Deutschland Radio reports.

Last Saturday, H5N8 was detected in a wild duck at the island of Rügen in the area Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The duck was shot.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is taking severe preventive measures after a third case of H5N8 was confirmed. Also Belgium has taken precautions to prevent spreading of H5N8 in this country.

Wim Verseput and Emmy Koeleman

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