Join our latest webinar on Health and Nutrition

Another must-see webinar, hosted by Poultry World. Wednesday 17 March, 3 P.M. CET, Poultry World will host a free webinar on Health and Nutrition.

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In this webinar on health and nutrition, 3 experts will focus on how to achieve healthier poultry through a balanced gut health and supplying the bird with all the necessary nutrients. Keeping the birds healthy and feeding them accordingly with the right ingredients and additives demands a high level of knowledge and the full attention of the nutritionist, farm manager, and veterinarian.

Listen to the latest insights from Drs. Gerwin Bouhuis, Veterinarian Gezondheidscentrum voor Pluimvee (GvP) Emmen on "The multifuntional role of vitamin D in sustainable poultry production”, learn from Erik Juncker Boll, Senior Research Scientist in the Animal Health Innovation department of Chr. Hansen about "The power of good bacteria in improving intestinal health in poultry" and hear the latest from José M. Ros, VET MD, Global Technical Manager at Perstorp Animal Nutrition on "How to support poultry gut health through nutrition".

Together our speakers will share their knowledge on the complexity of the concept of gut health and show how to manage it to the optimum.

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