Video 15: Why is narasin the ionophore of choice?

In the last video of the series, Dr Thomas K. Jeffers will discuss three attributes of narasin that make it the ionophore of choice.

When compared with the 5 other ionophores approved for use in broilers, narasin has comparable or better effectiveness in the control of coccidiosis. While some may reduce feed intake, narasin has no negative impact on feed consumption resulting in consistently optimised broiler growth and feed efficiency.

Also, unlike some other ionophores, there are no deleterious side effects associated with the use of narasin in broiler rations. Lastly, narasin is the only one of the ionophores approved for the use in broilers that has documented evidence of effectiveness against gizzard erosion. And, with certain rations, gizzard erosion is becoming a very important issue.

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