New Aviagen apps join toolbox of management resources

Aviagen has recently introduced flock management apps for Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross customers across the globe. Providing instant access to Parent Stock and broiler information, the apps are available in 16 languages.

Aviagen’s goal is to provide practical advice and information to support them in their continuous endeavour to optimise the performance, health and welfare of their flocks.

Now new Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross apps can become part of their flock management toolbox. Available in 16 different languages, the apps put valuable management, benchmarking and other handy tools in the palm of their hands, anytime and from anywhere.

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Practical, user-friendly features

The apps are designed for convenience and ease-of-use, featuring:

  • Instant access to the recently revised Parent Stock (PS) Performance Objectives, offering a benchmark to track performance.
  • Availability of 2021 Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications. These offer the latest nutrition recommendations in line with the ongoing genetic advancement of Aviagen birds.
  • Broiler Performance Objectives and Nutrition Specifications.
  •  A unit converter to switch between metric and imperial measurements for area, length, volume, energy and others.
  •  A date finder to assist with planning of future tasks and visits.
  •  Easy calculation of European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF/PEF) – a measure of broiler performance, welfare and productivity.
  • A scoring tool to count birds in up to 5 subgroups (expressed in %), which helps with scoring for light stimulation and fleshing.

Excellent customer feedback

Many customers around the world have already downloaded the app relevant to them. They explain the value of the app in their working life below:

“The app is an invaluable resource for our business, enabling me to compare weights against breed standards at any time, whether I am in the middle of a shed weighing birds or in a meeting. It is accessible to all and user friendly, so the broiler managers and I can all work from the same standards,” explained Emily Hughes, Poultry Health Specialist, Clive Soanes Broilers, UK.


Cemil Çölgeçen, Pak Tavuk PS Production Manager, Turkey, added: “As seen during the pandemic, it is critical that information and documents are transferred to electronic media and easily accessible. With this app, we can easily reach both nutrition specifications and performance objectives anytime, anywhere.”

“This app makes our work a lot easier. It has everything we want to see. No need to carry a big book all the time anymore,” said Dr.Sittichoke Prachumthong, Panus Pokphand, Thailand.

"I think the app is very helpful; easy to handle both in rearing and in production, and it is great to use it in our native Hungarian language - it helps us in our everyday work on the farms," remarked Csaba Balogh, PS Production Manager, Gallus Kft, Hungary. "I can finally have everything in one place on my phone, which I bring with me everywhere."

“Although most of my team is fluent in English, it is much easier to work in our own language, so we highly appreciate this capability of the app,” remarked another customer.

Many app benefits

For our Technical Service Managers, the apps are instrumental in their work:

“Having a tool on hand to see how close our customers are to the standards in terms of weights and production indices at any moment is among the most useful features of the apps,” explained Juan Velez, Technical Service Manager, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME).

“Our customers benefit by the quick access to our Performance Objectives and Nutrition Specifications. The Performance Objectives bring updates in terms of performance improvements that we have seen in the field over the past years, while the Nutrition Specifications continue to illustrate the latest nutrition advice drawing from internal Aviagen trial work, incorporating predictive models and field performance improvements,” added Greg Hitt, Regional Technical Manager for Asia Pacific.

Murat Yakar, Senior Technical Manager, Aviagen Anadolu, Turkey commented on the global reach of the apps. “Accessing the translated Turkish documents and the documents we have in other languages through the app is the key to reaching more people.”

Showing our customer commitment

The innovative, sustainable apps complement our service team efforts to help customers make important decisions and effectively manage flock production. With these tools, we further demonstrate our commitment to continually improve support to our customers, the communities they serve and the global poultry industry.