Low-path AI confirmed in Italy

A low-pathogenic strain of bird flu was detected in Italy as a result of routine surveillance in the area, at a premise rearing mainly waterfowl.

The farm contained a range of birds, particularly mallard breeders and mallards bred for release into the wild, none of which are considered as wild birds as they were bred in captivity.
While the H5 virus subtype was detected, the N1 subtype was not, and none of the birds exhibited any clinical signs of bird flu infection.
Attempts to further identify the virus are in progress.
Although the affected premise is located in a wetland, and there are no industrial poultry farms within a 10-km radius, a one kilometre restriction zone has been established around the farm, and testing will be undertaken on these farms.
Authorities have reported that the detection of a low-pathogenic avian influenza virus in mallards farmed in a wetland is normal and does not represent a threat to public health.

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