News update:Jan 10, 2007

Flu Detectâ„¢ selected by FAO

Flu Detect Antigen capture test Strip was selected by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization - United Nations) for use in their multinational initiative to monitor and control the spread of infectious avian influenza.

According to Christophe Calleja, DVM, marketing manager for Synbiotics, Flu Detect was chosen because of its proven performance and ease of use in field conditions.
The FAO tender will be used in FAO subsidiaries all over Africa and the Middle East where bird flu outbreaks have occurred and where surveillance is necessary to control further outbreaks. 
“Because Flu Detect has been designed to be a rapid in-field test, it has been adopted by several international agencies to be part of their First Response avian influenza detection and containment programs,” says Dr Chinta Lamichhane, director of avian research development at Synbiotics.
Flu Detect detects all subtypes of Influenza Type A, even with a low virus load, and provides results in just 15 minutes. The test kit requires no refrigeration and contains all materials necessary to be easily used in under-equipped conditions, which is why it appeals to so many international agencies, said Calleja.
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