Intervet opens facility for vaccines in NL

Intervet, a producer of animal vaccines, has several biological production sites throughout the world and will now open a new facility in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Intervet makes use of three different technologies to produce antigens (a molecule that stimulates an immune response and is used in vaccines): Bacteriological production, production in eggs and tissue culture.
Boxmeer's current facility already produces bacteriological antigens via production in fermenters. The additional facility will allow for tissue culture for virological production. This method is preferable to production than the eggs process - less labor extensive, possible to control and monitor the production the parameters and less risk of production problems.
The new Tissue Culture Boxmeer (TCB) meets the quality requirements and complies with all the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). “The technology and facilities are state of the art,” said Milson Gondim, TCB manager.
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