Tyson Foods plant bought out

Pine Bluff Poultry LLC announced that it will buy a former Tyson Foods plant in Pine Bluff, Ark. According to Arkansas Business, they will spend $3 million to upgrade it and hire up to 300 workers.

Pine Bluff finds a partner
Pine Bluff will partner with Phuellink Investments LLC of Lodi, Calif., to purchase the plant, which has been closed.

The partnered companies will remodel and upgrade the plant to process spent hens from egg producers and other poultry companies.
Pine Bluff Poultry LLC expects to hire 150 workers starting in April, with an additional 150 at the end of 2008. Pine Bluff Poultry LLC will be the operating company.
Tyson purchased the plant in 1984 from Valmac Industries and used it as a slaughter facility with a capacity of 860,000 birds per week. Tyson closed the plant in 2004.

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