News update:Mar 22, 2010

Nutreco takes over BASF business in eight countries

Nutreco Holding N.V. announced today the takeover of the animal feed blends, premix and base mix business of BASF in Poland, Italy, USA, UK, Mexico, Guatemala, China and Indonesia. The purchase price is not disclosed.

Juergen Steinemann, Nutreco's Chief Operating Officer commented, “The world market for animal nutrition grows by 2 - 3% annually; although in China, Mexico, USA, Poland and Indonesia this percentage is higher. Reinforcing our strongholds in these growth markets with BASF's operations will help us to gain momentum for further expansion in the America's and Asia. At the same time our leading position in Europe in premix and feed specialities with Trouw Nutrition International is strengthened with the contribution of the mixing business of BASF in important animal feed markets.”
Vitamin blends and premixes are used in compound feed for poultry, cattle and pigs and for pets. Key customers are feed mills, integrators and farms. In the farm segment the necessary ingredients for a complete feed are mixed by the farmers themselves. These farmers are using base mixes which include all feed additives such as vitamins and minerals to which soybean meal, grains, etc. are added to make a complete home mixed feed.
Premixes and vitamin blends are more concentrated mixes. With this new step, Nutreco's premix and feed specialities business, Trouw Nutrition International, with total annual sales in 2006 of €550 million, will almost double its sales in premixes to €400 million and will become the number two player in the global premix industry.


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