News update:Oct 21, 2008

New avian virus identified in Thailand

Avian Adenovirus Group 1 has been detected in breeder chicks aged 3-7 days, causing inclusion body hepatitis in poultry.

The virus, which reportedly cannot be transmitted to humans, has been found in  chicken farms in Thailand's central, western and eastern regions, by a team of Kasetsart University's veterinary diagnostic unit.
Besides young chickens, the virus, which broke out at 6 chicken farms in the 3 regions earlier this year, has now been contained, says Kasetsary University team leader Taweesak Songserm. He added that it can also be found in pigeons, geese, turkeys and partridges.
The disease, he says, takes 3-7 days to incubate with the symptoms - drowsiness and exhaustion - lasting about 1 week, becoming apparent in 3 weeks.
Besides transmission from mother to baby chick via the egg, the disease can be transmitted between chickens via virus-contaminated food, drink and equipment.

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