Econase XT launched in Indian poultry market

At Poultry India 2008, AB Vista launched Econase® XT, the world's first intrinsically thermostable enzyme for animal nutrition, to the Indian market.

AB Vista ia an international supplier of new-generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry. The company states that Econase XT is a revolutionary new enzyme with three key qualities:

  • Thermostability: The first xylanase on the market to be able to survive high pelleting temperatures without the use of a coating.
  • Assayability: The level of enzyme activity in the feed can be reliably and accurately measured.
  • Efficacy: Numerous independent trial results showing the positive influence on animal performance.

CEO of AB Vista, Richard Cooper: “This is a truly ground-breaking product which will revolutionise the Indian animal nutrition market. The effectiveness of the product in animal digestion means that nutrient availability is improved, therefore reducing feed costs and out put of waste into the environment.”

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