News update:Jan 5, 2009

Newcastle Disease spreads in Central America

In Belize virulent Newscastle disease started out in Spanish Lookout, and now it has spread to other parts of the Cayo District as well as the Belize and Stann Creek Districts.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority reports that it is affecting mostly backyard poultry. In response, the Ministry of Agriculture will be vaccinating backyard poultry in all affected communities.

As the name virulent implies, it is an aggressive disease and almost all birds of the affected flock die within 72 hours.
Symptoms include: loss of appetite, fever, depression, swelling and blue discoloration of the head, increased respiratory rate, coughing and a high-pitched sneeze, nervous signs, which can include circling, stiff and twisted neck, head tremors, and wing and leg paralysis.
There is currently no count for how much poultry has been lost to virulent vND.

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