News update:Feb 15, 2008

EU to resume poultry imports from the US

A 10-year ban is expected to come to an end in mid-2008 as European Commission officials confirm that poultry imports from the US into the European Union may resume.

The decision to ban poultry imports from the US into the EU was put in place approx. 10 years ago due to health concerns about antimicrobial agents used by American producers.
It is reported that the Transatlantic Economic Council, a body facilitating trade and investment between the EU and US, is due to rule in June that US poultry exports should be allowed into the EU. The body thrashes out detailed solutions to trade problems impeding transatlantic commerce.
The council is co-chaired by EU industry commissioner Günter Verheugen, who has discussed the matter with his US counterpart in recent weeks. The European Commission is expected to back the decision at the June meeting of the council: “We are moving in that direction,” said Ton van Lierop, the Commission's enterprise and industry spokesman.
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