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New programme to help small US poultry processors

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced a new programme office to reach out to small and very small poultry plants to educate them and help them comply with food safety rules.

The Office of Outreach, Employee Education and Training (OOEET) will provide consolidated access, resources and technical support for small and very small plants to better assist them in providing safe meat, poultry and processed egg products.
Additionally, the programme will ensure that all FSIS personnel have the necessary training to effectively carry out their assigned duties. OOEET will collaborate with state inspection programmes to share training materials, provide technical advice and conduct outreach activities.
"Ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply makes good public health sense as well as good business sense," said Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr Richard Raymond. "Owners and operators of every plant size need resources and tools for food safety success, so continued education through a rigorous outreach programme is a critical long-term agency priority."
The aims of the OOEET include:
• More rapid and consistent delivery of key services to serve better the needs of small and very small plants
• One-stop access to information and technical assistance
• Continuing publication and assessment of guidance and information to ensure consistent application of public health regulatory policies
• Enhanced relationships with our public health partners
• Continuing evaluation of the effectiveness of FSIS programs focused on small and very small plants
• Improved collaboration with other USDA agencies on the needs of small and very small plants.
For more information on this programme, click here.
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