Jansen Poultry Equipment launches egg packer

An automated system for the on-farm packing of both table and hatching eggs has been added to the range of equipment on offer from Jansen Poultry Equipment.

Depending on the size and type of tray used, the machine is capable of a maximum throughput of 28,000 eggs per hour and can be adapted to handle either fibre or plastic trays.
With its integrated tray de-nester, the machine can be located in rooms where space is at a premium. In addition to significant labour saving benefits, the machine's gentle egg handling technique also ensures a minimum number of seconds when packing table eggs and maximum hatchability when it comes to hatching eggs.
Commenting on this latest addition to the Jansen Poultry Equipment range of egg handling equipment, Jansen Poultry Equipment's managing director Mari van Gruijthuijsen said: “We have been installing third-party makes of farm packers for some years now as they compliment well our range of nest boxes and FlexBelt egg conveyors. However, as demand has grown for this type of automation across all types of egg production units we decided it was time to design and manufacturer our own farm packer. The result is a machine that follows the Jansen tradition of high quality engineering leading to reliability of operation.”
The Jansen packer has been installed on several farms across Holland and in the UK.
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