News update:Apr 23, 2008

US broiler exporters face shortage of refrigerated shipping containers

During recent weeks, US broiler exporters have experienced delays and disruption of export orders due to a shortage of refrigerated shipping containers.

These disruptions have been attributed to the increased volume of trade occasioned by the lower US dollar relative to other currencies.
Additionally, shipping lines have diverted containers to intra-Asia trade and to more profitable cargos.
The problem may reduce the volume of product shipped from the US. In February 2008, 258,000 mln t of US broiler parts, predominantly leg quarters, was consigned with a value of $248 mln. These figures were respectively 13% and 38% higher than for the corresponding month in 2007.
Commodity groups are meeting to attempt to resolve the growing problem but the government intervention is not anticipated.

Editor WorldPoultry

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