Mercy For Animals responds to shocking video footage

Mercy For Animals (MFA) recently sent World Poultry a statement in response to the "false and misleading statement released by Gemperle Enterprises regarding the documentation of animal abuse at their facilities."

"Video footage doesn't lie, but Gemperle Enterprises apparently does. First the company denied that the footage MFA took was even at Gemperle, and now that it's clear that footage is indeed from a whistle-blowing employee of the company, Gemperle is floating the absurd notion that the footage was somehow staged," said the statement.
"Employees at Gemperle Enterprises have been caught red-handed, on camera, committing egregious acts of cruelty to egg-laying hens. Instead of a desperate bait and switch, Gemperle should be focused on taking swift, corrective actions," said the statement, adding that the recent statement from Gemperle Enterprises is riddled with inconsistencies, outright falsehoods, and libellous claims that the video evidence clearly refutes.
Below is a PDF, which is a letter written from MFA's attorney to Steve Gemperle threatening to sue for libel if they do not withdraw "these outrageous claims".
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