News update:Jun 10, 2008

Scientists developing cancer-fighting chicken

Scientists at Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center are now aiming at turning chicken into a cancer-fighting food...with the help of a natural plant extract, and a little time.

Researchers say mixing chicken feed with a natural substance found in cotton - gossypol - could help turn chickens, and their eggs, into potent cancer-fighting foods.
“In experimental systems, and I want to emphasize that, it has been shown to slow cancer growth. In some model systems, it prevents the spread of cancer,” says Michael Caliguiri, MD, at Ohio State University's James Cancer Hospital.
To get this natural extract into humans, Young C. Lin at Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center suggested first feeding it to chickens, and then feeding those chickens to humans to allow them to absorb the gossypol slowly and more naturally.
Source: HealthNewsDigest
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