UK farmer devastated by bird flu

The Oxfordshire farmer who found himself at the centre of the bird flu outbreak in the UK is devestated by the virus after having to cull his flock of 25,000 chickens.

Richard Court, owner of the family-run Eastwood Farm, at Shenington near Banbury said it had been a "devastating 24 hours", reports the BBC.
In a statement released through the National Farmers' Union, Court said he had been on this family-run farm for over 50 years. "We alerted our vet to mortality problems on the farm and after careful monitoring of the situation informed Defra vets, who confirmed the flock has avian influenza," he said.
 "The source of the disease is not yet known and all birds on the farm will be or are being culled to help contain and eradicate this disease. This has been a devastating 24 hours and I would ask we are left now to come to terms with what has happened and make plans for the future."
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